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About us

ESJ for all facets of your business

ESJ International is a part of the ESJ Group, an independent medium-sized consultancy firm that operates in the Netherlands as well as having an international presence. We have been an active player in providing accountancy, audit, tax and corporate finance services since 1981. At ESJ, we regard medium and small-sized enterprises and family businesses from all possible sectors as our most important clients and we advise them on nearly every aspect of their business management. We feel a connection with these types of businesses, as they expect much more from ESJ than mere accounting services; they are after tangible added value. ESJ offers this added value in the form of hands-on advice, solutions, multi-disciplinary teams and our truly independent position.

Allinial Global

Allinial Global_logo

The ESJ Financial Engineering firm has Joined Allinial Global. This is a global association of independent accountancy and business advisory firms that cares about your business and work in partnership with you to achieve your goals. Its members regularly work in close cooperation on international assignments and have a very good track record of bringing international assignments to a successful conclusion.

To open doors and close deals

ESJ International business advisors offer tax, business- and financial advisory, audit & assurance and payroll services. ESJ International firms are represented in the Netherlands. We offer you professional knowledge and a world wide network that offers new business opportunities.

A single tree makes no forest, one string makes no music

In today’s fast-globalizing world, we increasingly realize that truly great things can only be achieved through teamwork. The members of ESJ International do not operate on their own. We operate closely with a network of partners all through Europe.

So let’s get connected to Europe!

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